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The New Arena, Co. provides consultations to businesses in the areas of business development, human resources and operational management. Our primary goal is to provide entrepreneurs with options for innovative solutions to the development and maintenance of operations, personnel management, leadership and administrative functions of their business.

Business Meeting


A company-wide audit is the most efficient way for us to evaluate your current business practices and provide options for the resolution of any potential issues we find. We will assess the primary components of your business, including human resources, financial systems, administrative operations, marketing, and IT systems.

A human capital audit focuses on these four specific areas: employee wellness, diversity and inclusion, compensation and benefits philosophy, and your business’ training and employee development programs.

Once your company audit is complete, we will meet with you to review our findings, our suggestions, and your options for additional services we provide to meet the needs of your specific business.


A full-time dedicated HR Manager can cost your business anywhere between $60k-$120k annually in salary alone. Online HR management services often provide minimal support with untenable response times for your HR questions or concerns.

The New Arena provides scaled options for ongoing subscriptions to Human Resources support. You decide the level of support to fit your business needs and budgetary concerns.

All of our subscription levels include a dedicated HR professional in your community, telephone and email consulting, unemployment claim representation, access to our online library of resource material, and discounts on our flat rate projects.

Business Meeting


The development and management of organizational and human capital can be a full-time job. We know you, as business owners and office managers, have projects that can be delegated to others. 

From employee handbook updates to eLearning modules to strategic planning, let us complete that project that keeps slipping down the priority ladder. Take a step with The New Arena towards high level compliance with all laws and regulations, while increasing your competitiveness in your market as an employer. 

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